Switch between your languages, just as you do in life
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XFINITY 2450 Latino
per month for 12 mo.
With a 2-year agreement
with 2-year agreement
200 Channels
25 Mbps
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XFINITY 2450 Latino

$7999 per month for 12 mo. with 2-year agreement
Internet up to 25 Mbps
TV 200 Channels
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Latino Offers Starting at $1999

Introducing the first bilingual experience of its kind from XFINITY®

Switch between your languages, just as you do in life. With an unprecedented set of bilingual features on X1, TV is truly universal. The bilingual Voice Guidance feature “speaks” what’s on your TV screen so you can explore thousands of TV shows and movies. You can schedule recordings, find the entertainment you want, and much more—in English and Spanish!
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With XFINITY TV Latino and Internet you can please even the most demanding.

With the X1 Entertainment Operating System®, you get fast and reliable Internet, access to millions of hotspots nationwide and instant access to thousands of hit movies and shows, in English and Spanish, at no extra cost.

Interact with your TV like never before with XFINITY On DemandTM on X1:

  • Advanced Search: Predicts what you’re looking for as you type it
  • Personalized Recommendations: Program recommendations based on your favorite shows
  • Streaming: Lets you stream your favorite shows on any device in the house

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This is how you enjoy the X1 DVR experience from XFINITY.

XFINITY TV Latino offers more ways to get more entertainment. With XFINITY On DemandTM enjoy instant access to thousands of hit movies, the latest episodes of the top 100 shows, and loads of kids’ programming included with your service at no additional cost.

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XFINITY Internet gives you all the speed that you need.

Get the fastest, most reliable in-home WiFi for all rooms, all devices, all the time. Perfect for those who love to surf, chat and play at full speed, even during peak hours. Plus, get access to millions of hotspots nationwide, included at no additional cost.

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XFINITY® is perfect for those who live their passion to the fullest.

XFINITY TV Latino gives you sports coverage 24-7 on all your devices with channels like Univision Deportes Networks, beIN Sports, ESPN Deportes and Fox Deportes, among many others. Now you will not miss any plays.

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