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Get unlimited access to some of the most exciting entertainment direct from Eros Now, with over 40 hit movies, including new releases and classics, 100 music videos and a selection of popular variety programming every month (most with English subtitles). Select markets may offer slightly less based on available capacity. A limited number of titles are also available to purchase on an individual basis each month via On Demand.

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  • Get 24/7 access to over 40 Eros Now movies and 100 music videos whenever you like.
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This month on Eros Now On Demand

NH10 NH10
Starring Anushka Sharma, who garnered critical acclaim for her performance. Emerged as a "sleeper hit".
3 Idiots 3 Idiots
Highest grossing film in overseas markets. Broke opening box office records.
Lingaa Lingaa
A small-time thief reforms after learning about the role played by his grandfather in building a dam.

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