Customer Care Improvements

Welcome Back!

It’s an honor to have you use our products and that’s why we’re constantly working to serve you better. You deserve the very best from us and that’s why we’re making investments across the board so that no matter where you reach out to us - online, through customer forums, as well as in person, we’ll be there for you. Our job is to make you happy and we’re using technology and innovation to do just that. Here are some of our recent enhancements:

  • Tripled the size of our Social Care team to support you whenever and wherever you need it
  • Partnered with UPS to offer convenient and free equipment returns
  • Developed more Self Service features, with more on the way

I’m also excited to share that customers with X1 are loving the new My Account app and with a simple click of the remote, you can manage account details, view and pay your bill as well as:

  • View and/or cancel upcoming service appointments
  • Check on the status of the equipment in your home
  • Check for outage notifications in your area
  • Troubleshoot issues with helpful videos, articles and how to’s

We’re continuing to invest in our frontline agents more than ever, providing them with better tools and processes, so they deliver nothing short of excellence to you. We are reimagining the customer experience, not just fixing the one we have. Bringing you the absolute best experience every time, every interaction - that’s our number one goal. Many of you have shared your thoughts with us so please keep the feedback coming. We will continue to use your responses to help us continuously improve.

Again, thank you for inviting us into your home.

Tom Karinshak
Senior Vice President of Customer Experience


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